Changes and Bug fixes


Version 0.9.1.x, 23 November 2001.


Renames D_FLAGS to D_IMMOVABLE because the goals were also included in the array.

I moved the magic number for the decay rates to BasicConst.

The calcUnseenObjects used GetVOList(TKindAllVisible,0.0,0.999) to get all unseen objects. This can go wrong if a magic number for the decay rate is set to 1.0. Therefore, I now check the time of the object with the time of the player.

Made the code compliant to the Object Pascal Style Guide. This doesn't only cover formatting, but also naming conventions etc. I moved all data to the private sections and provided properties for the interface. I reviewed the total BasicObject and BasicPlayer and changed much code, fieldnames, etc.

Activated the callback functions for: Referee, Sense, Error and Unknown.

Player.mainStart is renamed to Player.mainLoop to comply with the C++ API and because the function is a loop :-)

Finished the localization code (now also supports update of coordinates, angle and direction of other players and the ball).

Rewrote the absolute angle. The previous went from 0 to 360 clockwise (right = 0), now right = 0, top = 90, bottom = -90 and left = -180/180.



Version 0.9.0.x, 22 November 2001.


Initial release of the sourcecode. I was so happy the basic player worked, I quickly cleaned up the code and released it. There are still many bugs, but I will try to weed them out this week and the next.